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Human hair wigs for less than €300!

Human hair wigs for less than €300!

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Includes 2 suppliers!! The first is for personal use, the second is for retail! A 40” human hair wig for LESS THAN €300 each came from my “personal 40” hair supplier, my supplier price will soon go up again, only a few people will be able to buy at this price. Get it NOW while it's on sale ⏰

STRAIGHT HAIR (can be curled, holds curls very well). YOU DON'T HAVE TO ORDER IN BULK FOR THESE PRICES!! This is for personal use, but if you sell hair, feel free to order in bulk! The price list shows the starting prices for the lengths, I offer discount codes from 20 to 40 euros, the codes may not work for everyone, so please be careful before you buy.

Supplier details below ⬇️

  • Lengths 16” - 40”
  • Densities of 180% & 250% available
  • All wigs are available with Swiss/Transparent Lace Fronts, Lace Size 13x4, 13x6, 4x4 WITHOUT GLUE and T-Part. BIG HEAD FRIENDLY
  • I would recommend a density of 250% for lengths 32” and up
  • Express shipping available at an additional cost

Prices are adjusted depending on the amount of Parting Space = more €

This is the perfect supplier for your 1B straight units to start your hair business or even for personal use if you want to save money!

FAQ: What is a hair supplier? This is NOT a wig, this is for INFORMATION ON WHERE to get the wig!!

A direct hair seller who will sell you hair at wholesale price (no need to order in bulk). When you purchase a supplier, you can purchase directly from them. That's why the prices are so low, if you were to buy the same hair from another company the price would be higher than buying from the supplier because companies mark hair prices to make a profit. Buying from a supplier helps save money instead of paying more from resellers for the same quality! SN: This is an AliExpress supplier and you know that sometimes these suppliers can be unreliable so BE CAREFUL, but luckily you can easily contact them if your unit is not as described when you receive it and they will either exchange the correct unit or refund you!

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